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Tackling Extraversion Bias

to unlock the potential of Introverts

The bias towards Extraversion leaves up to 50% of the talent in a business exhausted by pretending, in order to fit in, or frustrated that their natural qualities are undervalued.

The irrefutable neurodiversity that underlies Introversion and Extraversion is still widely misunderstood. And the existence of scientific evidence of the neurological basis for this diversity is often denied.

Little wonder, then, that the world of work and business practices are routinely biased towards Extraversion. In this heartfelt talk, Joanna identifies some of the most obvious business practices that are biased, which many Introverts will instantly recognise. She outlines the negative consequences of these practices which include the impact on productivity, well-being and diversity. For businesses that are ready to level the playing field in order to honour this aspect of diversity for true inclusion, she outlines her 3-step process to reduce and ultimately eliminate this bias and its negative consequences.

She urges organisations to take positive action and encourages introverts to own their strengths and step into their power. 

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